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Hi, I'm Allison!

Rev. Allison G. Daniels is an International Diversity Trainer, Awarding-Winning, 3X Bestselling Author who has written over 31 books, Co-Author of 10 books, Visionary Author of the New Released Book Titled: "Empowered to Win".  She is the owner of Allison Daniels' Ministries, LLC; Coaching/Consulting Business; Founder/CEO of the Write 2 Finish Now! Book Writing Program.   She is a Speaker, Coach and Book Writing Expert. She has a Segment on Facebook Live @ 5am  and Gospel Time Machine at 6am. She is the Founder of AGD Publishing Company established August, 2019.  She uses her books, coaching and her mentoring skills as tools to help and assist those who are ready to lead with Authority. Her mission is to Aspire, Dream and Motivate others as she  helps to Turn Writers into Successful Published Authors.

She specializes in helping new and inspiring authors with self-publishing their books and taking it to the next level.  To date she has assisted with the following books now on Amazon: Bully Me No More, Behind the Chair, Broken Peace and I Believe I Can Fly.  She is confident that the tools and methods that God has equipped her with will help transform the lives of those who want to succeed but may be lacking the direction, discipline, or resources necessary to attain their heartfelt dreams.

Author, Spiritual  Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Radio Personality and Speaker

You Will Learn...

In This Course,


How To Properly Draft An Outline For Your Book


How To brainstorm and organize your ideas


how to identify your target audience


how to properly develop your content


how to avoid common writing mistakes


the importance of time management

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2020 new year special $120

course testimonial

I had the privilege of participating in

Rev. Allison Daniels' Write 2 Finish Book Writing Program. 

The course was phenomenal.  It gave me the tools I needed to plan and organize my writing time and book outline.  She provided an abundance of information on writing, publishing and promoting your work.  The information I feel is vital in being successful as a published author.  This course is a must if you are struggling to get your book finished!

Rev. Sineta Scott Robertson

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